About us

Energy Producer and Trader: ELECTRICOM SA We are an active player on the Romanian Electricity Market with energy supply license since 2004 . Electricom SA was founded in 1965, when it was the country’s largest importer of coal, hydro and thermal power equipment. Today we are one of the main competitors in the electricity market, as suppliers and producers, with a team of 150 specialists. We are producing energy from renewable sources: wind, solar, co-generation. We are manufacturers of photovoltaic panels.


Energy Producer and Trader:

We have managed to develop 4 wind projects totalizing 86 MW installed capacity:

  • CASIMCEA 1 – 10 MW
  • CASIMCEA 2 – 10 MW
  • GIURGENI – 33 MW
  • VLADENI – 33 MW
Photovoltaic Power Plants

In the photovoltaic energy, as one of our core business, we developed and executed over 100 MW in Romania, Europe and Middle East Countries. This was possible due to the concentrated effort and know-how of the Renewable Energy team members.

Energy Producer and Trader:

Specializing in the production and trading of electricity, focusing on sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Renewable Energy Projects Developer:

Dedicated to developing innovative projects in renewable energy, leveraging technologies like wind and solar power.

Photovoltaic Panels Producer:

Expert manufacturer of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, driving forward solar energy adoption.

Real Estate Developer:

Engaged in the development of premier real estate properties, encompassing commercial, residential, and logistics sectors.